New prices for merch

Thanathonaut digipack

We at Narrow House wish all of our fans a great new year! So here are some good news for those of you who considered buying our stuff but haven’t yet for some reason.

We have reconsidered prices for our merch and made them lower. If this won’t make you feel good, than we don’t know what else will:

• the new price for «Thanathonaut» limited digipack is 13$ (it was 15$ and yes we still have some of them around). If you order one we can offer a special deal and add «A Key to Panngrieb» CD to it just for 5$
«Thanathonaut» CDs are now 8$ per copy (it was 10$)
• both one-sided and two-sided T-shirts now cost considerably less as well: 15$ for one-sided ones (old price was 17,99$) and 25$ for two-sided versions (old price — 29,99$)

Both digipacks and shirts are available from band only, CDs have the same prices as Solitude Prod. offers except you won’t get «A Key to Panngrieb» for 5$ there (it’s 8$).

We thank each and everyone who already supported the band (we hope you enjoy your stuff), and encourage everyone else who is fond of our music to do the same as we plan to enter the studio again this year and additional funds wouldn’t hurt.