Taking part in UDD 2015

Ukrainian Doom and Depression 2015

Narrow House will play its next live show pretty soon which is great news both for band and everyone who will be able to attend.

It will be the first show since «Thanathonaut» was out and most of the planned set will include tracks which were never played live previously.

We also plan to play something completely new to give a taste of our current direction which will hopefully find its way on our next album.

«Thanathonaut» reviews, part VII


It’s been almost a year since our second full length was out but we still get reviews from time to time. Which is good!

«Narrow House incorporates sax, bass and cello, creating a process of osmosis between classical and electric instruments; a masterful mix of symphonic doom, experimentation, guitars crushing, sinister atmosphere, epic sax which made us think of a great Italian saxophonist Fausto Papetti. Tell us who won’t be engaged with the ideas contained in «The Last Retreat», «Furious Thoughts Of Tranquility», «Thanathonaut» and stay indifferent to their melodramatic intensity?» — Hardsounds

«It is rare in the doom to come face to an energy such that it apart in the older groups such as Candlemass.» — Pavillon 666

«When I listen to the next release of the Ukrainian band I see it as a logical continuation of the first album in a way, and as a bold step forward at the same time […] I want to hail their avant-garde style.» — Mroczna Strefa

Look here for the full review list.

Narrow House on Metal Storm Awards 2014


Narrow House are nominated for Metal Storm Awards 2014 in «Doom metal» category. We will be very grateful for your votes!

Check the full list over here.

"Thanathonaut" is one of the Doom Metal Front's Top 100 Albums 2014

Doom Metal Front

Thanathonaut was recognized as one of the best 100 albums of 2014 according to German Doom Metal Front magazine. Thanks DMF!

Happy 2015!

Narrow House wishes all of you only the best in 2015. Let us all remember why 2014 was so remarkable with European Metal Channel who made this nice video for NH.

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