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Good news! Other than patches and shirts now we also offer three variations of Narrow House badges. Just like with patches ordering both shirt and album (CD or digipack) will give you an opportunity to get a free badge!

Details can be found here.

«Thanathonaut» reviews, part VI


We kept some silence for a quite some time now but that doesn’t mean that nothing is happening. For instance we’ve got a bunch of new reviews including one by Pete Woods of Terrorizer Magazine itself:

«The title track is particularly effective, stomping in with marching boots, adding a dash of retro keyboards and spiraling ever forward with twisting sax heavily reminiscent of King Crimson in their prime.»

And a few more:

«Thanathonaut is a clever and captivating record full of great atmosphere and fantastic moments. Narrow House also use instruments like cello or saxophone which makes their music even more interesting, but they are fortunately entertaining throughout the whole album.» — Sicmaggot

«Narrow House is strange, poetic, melancholic, serious and artistic.» — Hammer World

As always all reviews can be found over here.

Introducing Narrow House patches

Narrow House square patch Narrow House horizontal patch Narrow House patches Narrow House horizontal patch

We continue to expand our merch. The latest addition: two types of woven patches with Narrow House logos.

Ordering both shirt and «Thanathonaut» (CD or digipack) will give you an opportunity to get one for free! Details.

Interview for

Midwife to Sorrows video

Our good friend Mike at published a new big interview with us. Here’s the snippet:

«The starting point for the new album was watching a really disturbing nuclear war documentary. At that point I had no idea making it all conceptual and circling around an atomic weaponry theme – this idea came along during the finalization of the material. I’ve recycled some of my old compositions that I felt were still good enough to be recorded, and topped it all with completely new stuff. At least three songs for “Thanathonaut” were created just a few months before the recording took place.»

Lots of unique information on Narrow House for you here.

«Thanathonaut» reviews, part V


We’ve got a bunch of new decent reviews for «Thanathonaut» for those who still hesitate to check it out:

«Narrow House deserve a huge amount of credit for a creative and serious approach to their music, boldly combining styles and sounds that you might not expect to hear together.» — DoomMetalHeaven

«The band has definitely managed to create an album full of sights and I’m really curious what these talented Ukrainians will do in the future.» — R.U.M. zine

«These Ukrainians have complete domination over their instruments and atmosphere of the music.» — Femforgacs

«This is one of the most interesting records that I’ve heard all year, hands down.» — The Grim Tower

«…an interesting pick, don’t hesitate, this band is aiming high, be a witness.» — Pest Webzine

All available reviews can be found over here.

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