Interviews for:

Femetalism (EN) — 2015 (EN) — 2014
Metal Library (RU) — 2014
No Clean Singing (EN) — 2014
Terroraiser (RU) — 2014
Withered Hands Podcast (EN) — 2014
Robex Lundgren Musik blogg (EN) — 2014
Blackened Horde (EN) — 2014
• Another World: part I, part II, part III (RU) — 2014
Dark Underground Music Zine (EN) — 2014
Mortem Zine (EN) [read RU version] — 2012
Zmrok Magazine (RU) — 2012
Modlkorr (RU) — 2012

«Thanathonaut» (2014) reviews:

«Thanathonaut elects to take a wholly different path, incorporating everything from traditional heavy metal-like guitar riffs, to tinny-sounding saxophone, to a bow’s staccato swipe across a cello.

The end result is something of an anomaly and, as a result, pushes doom metal’s envelope as we know it.» The Metal Advisor, Great Britain 10/10 (EN)
Terrorizer, Great Britain 7.5/10 (EN)
Chronicles of Chaos, Israel 8.5/10 (EN)
The Grim Tower, USA 10/10 (EN)
Terroraiser, Ukraine 10/10 (RU)
Darker Magazine, Russia n/a (RU)
Ave Noctum, Great Britain 9/10 (EN)
Crossfire, Germany 9/10 (DE)
Pavillon 666, France 8/10 (FR)
In Your Eyes Zine, Italy 8.5/10 (IT)

Hardsounds, Italy 80/100 (IT)
Sicmaggot, Czech Republic 8/10 (CZ/EN)
Dead Rhetoric, USA 8/10 (USA)
Stoner Hive, USA 4/5 (EN)
Spirit of Metal, France n/a (FR)
R.U.M Zine, Czech Republic n/a CZ)
Wonderbox Metal, USA n/a (EN)
Phantasmagoria, Greece n/a (GR)
Femetalism, UK n/a (EN)
Kaos Guards, France n/a (FR)

DoomMetalHeaven, USA 7/10 (EN)
Flemming Gabin, USA 7/10 EN) [read saved version]
Zware Metalen, Netherlands 80/100 (NL)
Rock Metal Essence, Italy 83/100 (IT)
The Pit of the Damned, Italy 80/100 (IT)
Lords of Metal, Netherlands 75/100 (NL), Italy 6.5/10 (IT)
Metal Temple, Israel 7/10 (EN)
Femforgacs, Hungary 7/10 (HU)
Mroczna Strefa, Poland 7/10 (PL)

Pest Webzine, Romania 7/10 (EN)
Hammer World, Hungary 7/10 (HU)
The Metal Advisor, USA n/a (EN)
Dark Underground Music Zine, USA 8/10 (EN)
Neformat, Ukraine n/a (RU)
Stu’s Reviews, USA 10/10 (EN)
Gorgers Metall, Norway n/a (NO)

«A Key to Panngrieb» (2012) reviews:

«It’s virtually flawless in structure, flow, composition, delivery, and production. Narrow House create such a gravitational force with their combination of suffocating heaviness, dreary phantom atmosphere, and solemn melodies that it’s damn near impossible to escape it’s pull into the abyss.» Forbidden Magazine, Germany 7/10 (DE) [read RU version]
Metal Storm, USA 8.3/10 (EN) [read saved EN version] [read RU version]
Lords of Metal, Netherlands 8/10 (NL) [read RU version]
Doommantia, USA 8.5/10 (EN) [read saved EN version] [read RU version]
Funeral Weding, Brazil 5/5 (PT)
Gouls Crypt, Denmark 8/10 (EN)
Zware Metalen, Netherlands 81/100 (NL)
Contaminated Tones, USA n/a (EN)
Destructive Music, Great Britain 7/10 (EN)
No Clean Singing, USA n/a (EN)

Pitchline Zine, Spain 7/10 (ES)
Infernal Masquerade Webzine, USA 83/100 (EN)
Metallized, Italy 65/100 (IT)
Evilized, Germany n/a (DE)
Mroczna Strefa, Poland 7/10 (PL)
In Your Eyes zine, Italy 7/10 (IT) [read RU version]
Pest Webzine, Romania 8/10 (EN) [read RU version]
Pavillon 666, France 8/10 (FR) [read RU version]
Hardsounds, Italy 50/100 (IT) [read RU version]
Miasma, Finland 6/10 (FI) [read RU version]

The Pit of The Damned, Italy 70/100 (IT) [read RU version]
Aristocrazia Webzine, Italy n/a (IT) [read RU version]
Temple Of Doom Metal, Portugal 12.2/20 (PT) ↑ [read RU version]
Hell Music, Lithuania n/a (LT) [read RU version]
Forbidden Magazine, USA n/a (EN) [read RU version], Germany 5/10 (DE) [read RU version]
Crossover, Germany n/a (DE)
Femetalism, UK n/a (EN)
Femforgacs, Hungary 7.5/10 (HU) [read RU version], Belgium n/a (EN) [read RU version]

Ave Noctum, Great Britain 7.5/10 (EN) [read RU version]
Brutalism, Netherlands 3/5 (EN) [read RU version]
Kaos Guards, France n/a (FR) [read RU version]
Mortem Zine, Czech Republic 7.5/10 (CS/EN) [read RU version]
From The Dust Returned, USA 7/10 (EN) [read RU version]
Two Guys Metal Reviews, USA n/a (EN) [read RU version]
Puregrainaudio, Canada 6.5/10 (EN) [ read RU version]