Review from «Flemming Gabin»

I have no idea what a narrow house is, but if Narrow House is any indication of the doom metal scene in Ukraine, then let me hear more of it.

They call it “apocalyptic doom metal” themselves, but this thing sounds actually pretty atmospheric and romantic most of the time. Not that I’m fucken complaining, or anything. This is romantic in the classic sense, not in that fruity sense that swaths of entirely fucken clueless gothic bands tend to cling to. Thank fucken Odin for that.

Just don’t go in expecting fucken Evoken, Burning Witch or Esoteric heaviness, cos this is pretty light stuff on average. Then there’s the fact that it doesn’t sound very depressive, or melancholic either – which is kinda the point of doom metal, I was told many years ago. I dunno. I suppose for the type of mellow metal that this is it is actually quite good.

You gotta admit, the fucken title album is genius too! “Thanathonaut”. I can’t stop saying that. It’s a real conversation killer too. “Thanathonaut”.

There’s also the prominent usage of the saxophone and cello, which I’m sure some very deluded critic at some point will use to call this album avant-garde or, like, whatever. About half of the fucken album reminds me of “Mandylion” The Gathering, and other half is pretty doomy when the band really pushes it. They just don’t fucken push it quite as often enough, or as much as, like, I would fucken like.

narrow-house-promo1As for comparisons, I suppose My Dying Bride circa “Like Gods Of the Sun” comes pretty close. Not only is the album title totally amazing in its simplicity, the artwork is fucken fantastic for the same reason. For some reason they sample a lot of old war-documentaries. I dunno, I never fucken pay attention to lyrics in metal. The singer really like Aaron from My Dying Bride too, or Petey Steele from Type O Negative.

When they do get their doom on, there are quite fucken fat riffs. Holy fucken crap, dudes. There is even a bass guitarist in this band, and you can hear him! How exciting in that? Not more exciting than Hannah Sharp in a tiny thong, but exciting all the same. Just saying.

I suppose this is pretty good if you never heard any real extreme doom metal before, and it is actually produced pretty nicely. Some of the organ work is really fucken psychedelic too, I’m not sure how much ganja these guys consumed when writing this record – but it is worth pointing out.

Yeah, “Thanatonaut”. Amazing title, good album – is there more in Ukraine like this?